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May 07, 2019 03:47:47

Positioning as a freelancer

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I'm more than a week into the new online course I'm taking - "Sell Yourself Online - The Blueprint". 

Happy to say I'm able to dedicate a good amount of time to it at the moment. I'm intentionally not chasing after new clients at the moment so that I can make progress every day.

The first part of the course is focused on positioning yourself and finding the right market. This is not absolutely new to me, but it helps to work through the exercises to really hone in on my target market. 

After all, I don't want to appeal to everyone, but rather a specific type of business with a particular problem. Then I can add the most value. 

I love how Brennan explains that I don't have to niche down my entire business. Instead, I can create a very specific marketing funnel for solving a certain problem. In the future, I could create another funnel which solves a different problem for a different audience. 

This is less risky and leaves options open because I'm not cutting myself off entirely from a larger audience.  

For my first marketing funnel, I've defined the following: 

WHO will I be helping. 

WHAT will I achieve for them. 

WHY am I uniquely qualified to solve their problem.

This is the start to position my marketing. 

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