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Jun 20, 2019 21:00:27

Plight of the Common Writer by @seand.layton

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Jan 02, 2019 23:40:28 @seand.layton

"Ignore the razor wire. Life is too short. Run!"

Man, I'm already cranking out words at work for a client. But I don't really want to do that type of writing. Do I really want to crank out copy about wide area networks, enhanced cross-portfolio integrations, hyperconverged infrastructure blah blah blah? Is it too late to opt for bamboo splinters under the fingernails instead? Yeah, I know, it pays the bills but geezus. What did Sam Peckinpah say? "I'm just a whore. I go where they kick me." But I'm lucky. Great boss. Cool agency. But why can't I focus on my storytelling? Maybe finish something that springs from my enfeebled creative mind. I know the odds of busting out of Camp Mediocrity aren't great, but if there's a gap in the razor wire penning me inside then I need to quit glancing at it fearfully and make a dash. But I don't. Day after day, I tap out this pablum to entice IT decision makers to sign on board for the latest high-tech marvels that will simplify their digital lives. Then I submit my golden lines to be melted down and recast into something grotesque by clients.

Ignore the razor wire. Life is too short. Run!

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