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May 05, 2019 19:05:01

Planning the next Week

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It is Sunday again. Crazy how fast the time goes by when you're having fun, or like me, did nothing special. :)

Anyway, to keep me more motivated the next weeks I think I'm going to put a little "external stress" on myself through submitting my rough plan for the week and recapping the week next Sunday.

Obviously, Monday is gonna be packed again. I will have to drive my car to the workshop as some teen drove into me a few weeks back. Also, I need to do my "normal day job" at the company I'm working at. After that, I will have to go to a driving school nearby, as I am trying to get my motorcycle license. And since it wouldn't be fun if there wasn't one more thing to do, I'm going into paramedic night shift at 7 o'clock.

Tuesday will hopefully be a little bit less of a hassle. Depending on the night shift my workday at the company might be long or short. After work, I'll have to go back to driving school again. Hopefully, I'll have time after to go to the gym.

Wednesday is a little bit more packed than Tuesday, as "always" the normal work and after that, I'll have a meeting at my house bank, because of my savings accounts is due and something needs to be done with the money. :) After that, of course, I'm going back to driving school.

If I'm performing well on the previous dates, I'm going to take the motorcycle license theory test on Thursday morning. Right after, work and then I'm probably going to the gym.

Friday will be about the same as my average Fridays are, working and then some Netflix to get down.

Saturday will hopefully bring another gym hour and on Sunday I'm planning lunch with my brother and grandparents.

We'll see how it goes :)

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