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Jul 24, 2019 22:53:24

Physical Keyboard

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# Physical Keyboard

_Rambling at times_

I usually write on my phone, whenever i go on a park for my writing sessions.

Today I went right after being at a client's site so I brought my mac since I already had it with me and didn't want to go back home and back again. I usually swing on the see saw while thinking what to write about[^1]. It wasn't planned.

Since the mac costs almost 3k euros I was not going to leave it in the car under any circumstances. No matter how good is the area. Won't take any chances.

Even though it was really heavy and obviously not made for the task I much enjoyed the physical keyboard. Once we figure out to solve how to make the software keyboard not suck we should be golden for my use case. Not an easy feat since the biggest and brightest companies on the face of the planet have tried over and over and failed. Even an old phone with a sliding keyboard like a blackberry would be better than the touch keyboards even though everything else about it was much worse than any Android phone or iPhone at any price point.

[^1]: I'm thin and light.

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