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Jun 15, 2019 23:15:09

Passion is overrated

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Scott Adams talks about passion in this YouTube video
That video was what pushed me to read his book - How to fail at everything and still win. 

His argument is that - fixating on one thing and calling it passion is not a good strategy. 

In his book, he talks about over 35 different ideas that he tried and failed at in his life. He mentions that he had a ton of passion for each idea that at the time. But the passion didn't last. Failure has a way to kill passion while success has the opposite effect. Scott has passion for the Dilbert comic strip that he created...but he stresses that his level of passion was a consequence of how much success he got from it. 

He talks about people dwelling a lot of time and energy on things that they have determined they are passionate about. This limited focus doesn't enable trying many different things, building on skills and building a system to increase the odds of success. 

It is a new type of argument on this topic.
How many people actually make it in the one thing they declare they are passionate about early on?

Scratch passion - chase failures. 

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    @keni When I used to tutor high school kids, some of whom would have challenges spelling the word "passion," I would walk them over to the magazine aisle at Barnes and Noble and ask them which magazines are interesting to them. I suppose it would be harder to do this online because unless you go straight to a particular URL, there is some type of filter and algorithm being applied to searches. I think passion starts with interest but the key is when that interest stays.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jun 16, 2019 08:10:53
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    @keni Very interesting. I'm of the "show me" camp. Declaring "passion" is much easier than demonstrating passion in a convincing manner. And pretending passion is a time waster.

    Mike Byrnes avatar Mike Byrnes | Jun 16, 2019 08:44:00
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