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Jan 14, 2019 00:30:00

Passion - Family

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Most people wouldn't consider family as passion but I do.
I grew up in a very close family.

We traveled a more than most. I went to 5 schools before college.
So I realized I wasn't like most people around me.

I always trusted my immediate family more than others. One brother, one sister and my parents. Each of us have strong personalities but we always did things together.

My siblings and I went to the same school and college. We try to meet once a week even as adults.

When we first arrived in the US, we lived in a tiny apartment in a bad neighborhood.
I recall my brother telling me - "This is the happiest time of our life."
I was puzzled.... it was a time when we didn't have much money. 

Why? I asked. 

He responded - Do you think you will be as carefree, trusting and honest with someone who isn't family? 

My brother is 3 years younger than me. I thought he was wrong then.
Through the years, I have thought about that question. I understand now just how mature and pragmatic a statement his words were. 

I realize as I age just how much I love my family. 

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