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Mar 31, 2019 02:00:11

Part 5

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Daniel Miller

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"Please don't call back," Andy said out loud and his phone immediately shut down. He pressed the power button but the screen refused to come to life. He sighed again and threw the car into reverse.


When he was fourteen, between 6th and 7th period, Andy told Jimmy Flicker to drop dead. Jimmy punched him hard in the stomach, and Andy fell to his knees. After school let out Jimmy would finish his work on Andy in the alley next to the 7-11 on 12th street. It wasn't the first time and it wouldn't be the last. 


On his way back to the motel Andy stopped at the 7-11 on 12th street for an energy drink and coconut water. 

Back at the motel, he opened his laptop and instinctually loaded Facebook in a new browser tab. At the top of his newsfeed was a post about a former classmate. He had jumped off the top of his highrise apartment building a few states away. Andy remembered Jimmy, the bully that tormented him throughout middle and high school. Andy felt sad for him and wondered what had happened in his life since high school that caused him to decide to jump off a tall building.

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