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May 25, 2019 08:58:38

Part 25

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Daniel Miller

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"I need this meeting with Sam to go well."

Andy was dutifully sent back to Omaha two weeks later. The meeting was set for pretty much the moment he arrived at their offices. He was nervous.

"Well, Sam, you have the final word. What do you think?" Bill asked.

"I don't know why I bother, you're just going to do this anyway. Approved." Sam's first words to the room full of middle management were blunt and to the point. Andy had given his presentation, there was a short period of discussion and then Bill had laid it up for Sam. Her response evoked a huge smile from Bill. He had won the impossible, and he had no idea it was because of Andy, and Andy had no idea if it was because he had asked or because Sam was simply tired of fighting the good fight. Her stable system that had served the company well for twenty years was going to be replaced piece by piece with new tech hastily developed within the last five years, advocated by MBAs who wouldn't know a compiler from a wrinkle-free oxford and made technical decisions based on other MBAs' Medium posts. Andy was just a political tool, and he felt acutely so as he watched Sam get up and walk out of the conference room. 

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