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May 24, 2019 18:36:35

Part 24

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Daniel Miller

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Andy listened to the call between Bill and Sam. It did not go well. Andy really wanted to leave. He wondered if there was a parallel universe where he could and did leave. Where he just stood up and walked out the door. 

It was painful to listen to. Bill mercifully did not direct any of Sam's ire towards Andy.

Bill hung up. His face was bright red but he smiled. "She...she didn't hang up on me."

"I know!" someone else said. Andy couldn't remember his name.

"That went really well," Bill said. He turned to Andy and said, "I think we have you back in the next couple of weeks to discuss your cloud offering in more detail, and we'll see if we can get Sam in the room." Andy was so confused. And definitely did not want to be in the same room as Sam as she eviscerated all his arguments for his company's products. He didn't believe in them that much. And he didn't understand why it was worth having him fly to Omaha again if that was the inevitable outcome. He sat for a number of beats in stunned silence, trying to find the right words. 

"That went really well?"

Bill laughed nervously. "Yes! And as for our next meeting with Sam, we can't have your salesperson here, just you. She'll never budge if there is a salesperson in the room."

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