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May 18, 2019 08:35:00

Part 21

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Daniel Miller

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When he was 24 Andy got his first professional job. It had been less than a year since his mother died. It had been six years since his last job. He had subsisted off of scholarship money until his discovery and had made plenty of money gambling since then. But he was bored and had a computer science degree.

As he got out of his car he said, "I want this job."

"I don't see any extra-curricular activities on your resume. What else did you do while you were going to school?"

"I gambled."


"I am really good at gambling. I made a lot of money. I also traveled." Andy had an out-of-body experience as the words came out of his mouth. Why was he saying that?

His interviewer laughed nervously. "I like to watch the World Series of Poker on ESPN2."

"Cool." This interview was not going well. Andy wondered if that even mattered. Why couldn't they just ask him to write a bubble sort on the whiteboard? There was a whiteboard. It was covered in nearly illegible words, some circled, lines connecting the circles in imprecise arcs, cutting through other illegible words. Evidence that important deep thinking had occurred in this room.

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