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Feb 05, 2019 20:43:27

Part 17

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Daniel Miller

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It started with just random, weird thoughts. Thoughts he wouldn't normally have.

"I wonder how Judy is doing?" He didn't know anyone named Judy. Maybe she was a forgotten classmate from elementary school?

"Damn it I forgot my homework again!" It had been a long time since he had any homework due.

"Good God she is kinky. I think I like that." Maybe true, but the thought came out of nowhere while he was walking down the street. He had just been thinking about a poem he was composing for a collection being published by his former employer, an academic institution in another state. It had nothing to do with sex.

Then the thoughts became longer and more intrusive. 

"If I don't get this done by tomorrow, they're going to fire me, and I can't let her know I've been fired. She'll never respect me again. God, she barely respects me now." Cutting a little close to home, but he could not currently be fired. He was living off the grant and the money from the cash-out refinance of his parents' house. 

Then there was the time at a restaurant when he had an intrusive thought and then immediately heard the same content in conversation from an adjacent table. That started to give it away.

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