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Apr 24, 2019 02:00:03

Part 13

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Daniel Miller

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He'd been so focused on both the narrow circumstances of his first discovery of his abilities--and on making money--that he had forgotten his first instinct to try other things besides gambling. He decided to go for a walk.

For a college town, where Andy lived was relatively quiet. He headed towards campus, a thirty-minute walk away. It was a pleasant evening and the streets were empty. For the first time, the oddness of his situation dawned on him. He laughed out loud.

He still had no ideas about how to test this thing. The first thing that came to his mind made him laugh again. He decided to be really scientific and try different variations based on what he knew so far.

"Trip me," he thought. Nothing happened.

"Trip me," he said out loud, chuckling again at his choice of test and bracing for impact at the same time. Nothing happened.

"I want to trip," Andy said, then realized if this worked maybe it just meant he was going to try acid someday. Then two steps later his toe caught on a piece of uneven sidewalk and he went down.

Brushing himself off and assessing the scrapes on his palms, Andy sighed and said, "Ok..."

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