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Apr 23, 2019 02:00:03

Part 12

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Daniel Miller

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Andy realized he hadn't been terribly scientific about this whole situation, and immediately considered that a shortcoming. He was studying science, after all. He decided to give the online gambling thing two more tries, for another two hours each. Not a great sample set, but he didn't enjoy the experience in the first place so he figured why torture himself.

The next two nights he logged on, loaded up his account with his normal amount, and played for two hours. Both nights were repeats of the first...winning and losing but with a slightly and, at this point in his career, really annoying edge to losing. 

That made three identical experiences with online gambling which were all in fairly stark contrast to his nearly one hundred experiences in casinos and with other forms of in real life gambling. He decided that was enough. But it still bothered him to a degree he could not shake.

He returned to his journal. He hadn't been great about writing about his experiences during this time, but like any good rational scientist, he had taken some notes. He turned to the first page.

1. Don't go to the same casino twice.
2. Don't go more than once a month.
3. Go to other places besides Vegas.
4. Don't tell anyone.
5. Save the money.
6. Move into my own place.
7. Test with other things.

He'd done all the but the last one.

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