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Apr 17, 2019 22:06:59

Part 10

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Daniel Miller

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Andy began making his rounds. He started back in Vegas, at yet another new casino. He only stayed one day.

The next month, Reno. Shreveport. Atlantic City. Back to Vegas. He'd never been to West Virginia. 

He started with blackjack, then five card stud, then five card draw. When he got bored he would hit the slots. When he felt more social he would find a craps table with a modest crowd. 

Sometimes he would lose and think, "This is it." But then he would win again. When he won too big he would immediately cash out and wander the city until his flight home. 

Andy bored easily. He also became paranoid quickly. Both were hard to keep at bay. 

"This is a job," his shoulder devil would say.

"No it's not, idiot," his sardonic shoulder angel would say.

He made a road trip around Oklahoma. All the Choctaw. All the Cherokee. Then he felt guilty.

Then he realized he could do horses. And small lotteries. He considered a trip to Miami. He was always intrigued by jai alai.

Initially, his paranoia kept him off the online options. Then one night he got bored, connected to his VPN, and went for it.

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