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Jun 11, 2019 05:45:58

Overweight Patients

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Philipp Haidenbauer

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Last night we transported an overweight Patient back home. Not massively overweight, but heavy enough.

We had to transport the patient about 25 kilometers from the hospital to a larger apartment group. I looked at the bell shield and thought, oh, the name is one the first one, so it must be the first floor.

Well, I don't think that I have to tell that I was wrong. According to an unwritten law, the higher the patient lives in an apartment, the heavier they get.

It was on the fifth floor. Don't get me wrong, I am not an uber-strong man and so wasn't my co-driver. As we approached the last steps we were pretty much out of breath.

Sadly in Austria, there are many apartment buildings without an Elevator. And most of the times the stairs are also a nightmare to climb. Some are very steep others look like they are neverending.

The thing is, even though the patient might not be that heavy, our equipment is. Our transport chair has 20 kilograms on its own and our stretcher around 60.

If you think about it, our chair has a maximum weight of the patient of 150 kilograms, so you could possibly transport 170 kilograms of mass. The stretcher is even worse, 250 kilograms plus 60 kilograms equals 310 kilograms.

I don't know how two average Paramedics could lift such weights.

But at least there is one thing that I can always call to help. The firefighters. But till today, I never needed them.

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    @phaidenbauer Sounds like you needed a crane, not the firefighters! Sorry to be laughing again, but I love your stories :D

    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jun 12, 2019 00:01:40
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      @gabrielgreco No worries. The stories are somehow meant to be entertaining :)

      Philipp Haidenbauer avatar Philipp Haidenbauer | Jun 12, 2019 08:40:09
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      @phaidenbauer Hahha, yeah 'somehow'. Fat people stories are entertaining 99% of the time...maybe it's a rule of life or something.

      Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jun 12, 2019 09:49:03
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