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Apr 07, 2019 12:16:17


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Julia Saxena

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I'm still amazed by the opportunities the internet offers us. 

As a freelancer, I'm working on getting better and better at what I do. 

Years ago, I would have had to figure things out on my own, attend college classes, or find people who are already great at what I want to do and beg them to mentor me. 

Now, there's a wealth of free and paid material online that I can access from anywhere at any time. 

There's literally no excuse to not succeeding. Everything I need to know is freely available. I just have to find it, learn it, and implement it. 

Sounds easy, right? 

The funny thing is that I'm actually overwhelmed by the information and don't know where to start. What should I learn first, from which website? What will have the biggest impact for me right now? 

I feel that I need a structure. I have to decide what I want to focus on. Otherwise, I'll be lost and will waste time. 

I need consistency in learning and practicing. I shouldn't only dedicate time every day to learning. I should also practice what I've learned immediately. Only after sufficient practice, when I can be sure that I've internalized the concept, I should move to the next part. 



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