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Mar 18, 2019 07:39:31

Open your circles

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Martin tissier

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You have a circle of knowledge, you have a circle of friend..

At a point you forget about updating this circle.. 

You Finish school, you act as if there are nothing more to understand. 

You have babies, you act as if you don t have to go out of your confort zone.

But it's wrong and that lead to make of improvement.. And then boom come the time when you are really scary about change.. You have stayed the same for too long.. Every move will lead to fear... 

Let's fight every day to open the circle, to date to reinvent rethink things to make your life Spicer. 

Even for startup it happens. I am currently changing a lot of things, since I have realized we have stayed in our confort zone to too long. 

And the point is when you challenge things you have to be strong and balanced in your life to not be too dependant of this change. 

I will work on this this week and next week, no hurry since I want to take time to do things on the long run.. 

First step is to open to a group with the m3 journal. We will see what happens. 

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    @martintaice Happy filter-bubble-breaking!

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Mar 18, 2019 15:07:27
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