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Dec 14, 2018 20:01:44

One task a day

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Valentino Urbano

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Do one important task per day.

Try to accomplish one meaningful task a day (at least). There will be days when you accomplish way more than that and there will be days when even doing that one thing is hard.

I prefer to decide what to do the evening before, similarly to how I plan what to write the evening before as well.

What can be considered a task?

Your one task needs to be a significant piece of work, but it also needs something that can be reasonably done in less than one day of work.

An example of too broad of a scope:

- design, build and write the first blog post for mywebsite.com

Even though it might be possible to accomplish everything in that timeframe it would lead to a very rushed result. A project with multi-step tasks that should be divided and tackled singularly is more appropriate.

An example of too limited:

- increase padding in the homepage

Changing padding: 0 to padding 2 in the CSS can't be called a significant task on its own. If it includes finding the problem, trying out different solutions and implementing it, that's a different story.


After the day is done review what you did and pat yourself on the back, then pick a new task for the day after.

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