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Jul 21, 2019 21:41:40

One of the bigger trade offs I've chosen to make

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Over the first two weeks of July, we travelled to Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. 

It gave me a lot of mental space from the daily grind. I'm spending a lot of time in reflection and introspection. 

The fact is that the basics are good:

  • my health is good with the things I want to improve on an upward trajectory
  • my relationships are improving
  • I spend a good amount of time doing what I love
  • work is bringing in enough money to cover my needs and I have good systems in place to keep that going

And...I've realised that this is good. This feels safe. But I still feel...restless. The only area of my life where I feel like I've settled is the work I've chosen. I really feel like I could be doing higher impact stuff.

So I'm on a quest to figure out what to double down on next. It might be a niche in my current work or it might be a complete change.

We'll see.

I've decided to press pause on a lot of things

One thing is an email that I was sending to less than 20 of my family and close friends.

In total, I've sent around 28 letters. For much of those letters, I was sending weekly.

The main reason for the pause is that I'm starting to think about what's important in life.

The important parts aren't the email. The important parts are the time we spend on the phone and in person. While I like giving them a window into my life, it...doesn't facilitate that.

The purposes I gave for writing letters home were:

  • if I’m going to be paid to write and if I’m going to write for pleasure, then I want to make sure I give some of my best words to those that I love
  • we have a conversational starting point next time we talk
  • they have some idea of what’s going on with me

On the first and second point, instead of writing weekly letters to everyone, I'll write less frequently but more thoughtfully to individuals. Maybe I'll do a massive annual update. This way it's more meaningful.

On the third point...I think that it's great but non-essential. It's a trade off.

It's not the only trade off. I've also decided to stop daily publishing to IGTV, the podcast, and Medium. And a lot of other things.

What's next

If I don't already have plans in my calendar with each person I was emailing, I'll be reaching out to make some very soon.

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    Thanks for sharing this. I went through a very very similar path with the family/friend email just a couple months ago.

    Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Jul 21, 2019 16:09:31
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