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Aug 05, 2019 21:04:21

one book a month + reading stats

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First goal of awesome August done. I finished the Cal Newport's Deep Work.

It is pretty good book I like the idea. Will try to add some deep working to my schedule, haha. I need to train my focus cuz I am really lacking ability to not get distract in a second.

The hassle is back I need to pick another book. Why me? haha. I had finished already 8 books this year. I like the pace even it's just one book a month. I feel I will get better but just if I am gonna find the right books to read. :)

If you would be interested you can find everything I have read since 2016 on this link, if you scroll down : my books

I think I have somewhere all the books since 2012. In that time I began to read regularly. Before I haven't read much except the Harry Potter series haha.

My career high is 36 books per year (in 2012 and 2015) the minimum is 5 book the last year. I know it's not a competition :D. 

It's not like I would read like crazy all the year, usually it's just a few months a year when I finish almost all the books. 

Last four years I read 99% of the books in English. I should mix it with some local books otherwise I will lose the ability to read in my mother tongue :D.


Stay with me. Efran.

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