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Jan 27, 2019 15:49:43

Once I dreamt #4

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Tim Subiaco

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The fog was impenetrable and hugged the windows of the train. I check my watch and it’s stopped for some reason. I tap it a few times and the minute hand falls off. Not to be outdone, the second hand falls shortly after. Great. 

I heard chatter from the far side of the carriage  and like a wave, mumuring rippled all the way down towards me. On that side of the train the fog had risen like a curtain to reveal a giant structure of steel and pipes hulking on the horizon. Like a beast from the underworld, it stared at us and we at it as it crouched with coiled energy.

Now the carriage was all chatter and fidgeting, like a court of lesser noblemen surprised at an announced appearance of royalty.

I stayed seated and kept my eye on it. I guess it was at least twenty stories tall, but there was nothing else around it to compare to. Pipes the width of roads spilled out of its center like spilt entrails, all entangled and gruesome. It was coated with a rust which itself had seemed to have rusted from a congealed blood red to a broken dirty brown. 

Theo was still reading. I nudge him. 

β€œYo, we’re here”

He placed a bookmark in his book, closed it and looked up. 

β€œOh, shit.” 

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