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Jan 26, 2019 14:22:04

Once I dreamt #3

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Theo was reading an old copy Breakfast at Tiffany's. I had a heard of the movie but I never knew it was based on a book. This guy is just full of surprises. I could tell it was old because all the pages were discoloured but the book itself was in pristine condition. All the edges of the pages were as straight as if someone had ironed them. 

When we were young, I remember him storming into my room brandishing a book above his head as if he was a British priest bringing God into an African village. 

"You can't bind the spine! Why do you bend the spine? The pages! Why do you fold them? Just use a bookmark!" 

He runs away but comes back with a roll of toilet paper. 


He pulls a strip of toilet paper and then tears it into a thinner strip and puts it into his book (which I thought was pretty weird) and then storms back out. 

I find it funny how people can be so anal about certain things in their life but not others. There he was opposite me in our carriage, peering at his vintage book through a waterfall of wild, wavy black hair. 

Our compartment door opened and the conductor gives us an apologetic shrug as he ushers a bunch of people in. People sit on floor, on bags and on each other. I guess there wasn't much point in buying proper tickets. Remember that when you go yourself.

Theo was pressed against the window by the wall of people and bags. I guess it was a good book because he seemed focused on it as it was slowly squeezed closed.

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