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Jul 16, 2019 12:30:13

On The Shoreditch [8]

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Tim Subiaco

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She tilted her head to the side with an unspoken vulnerability. As I kissed her again her leg reached out from the slit in her dress and wrapped around my waist. She smiled like she never been kissed before, a smile like a fire in the desert, lighting me up in the confounding darkness. '

I held her head in my hand. Her neck, for so long strained and taut could relax in my grasp. My fingers braided with her hair like her legs were with mine. Bringing her closer took only the lightest of touches and she came willingly and unquestioningly.

I came up for air. My stamina has been lacking lately. I look up to see that the entire bar had now filled up and through orange haze I could make out other people glancing at us through the sides of their eyes. There I was with the prettiest woman in the whole of London wrapped around me. Was it a dream? Yes, it had to be. I'm not the kind of the person to ever show affection so publicly but what is the point when time is rushing through our fingers like sand?

Looking back I see that she's still there. Sitting absurdly calmly with her eyes still closed and her head just hanging forward, waiting for me. She would've waited the whole night I was sure, with her smile barely held back by the biting of her top lip. She was waiting for me to kiss her again, and so I did.

I realised it was getting pretty late and I knew she had to get back before two since she was leaving the next morning at six with her dad. She nodded but kissed me anyway. I'm not too sure how we untangled ourselves but we did. I brought our empty glasses to the barman and he took them in with a knowing wink.

Taking Cassie by the hand, I led her through the people as she stayed silent looking at me. We could see the bus pulling up and suddenly Time felt like it was being choked and squeezed out before us. We looked at each other, each of us welling up with a thousand words. She knew there was no time left and she kissed me and jumped on the bus as it was moving. I watched her go and she watched me until the bus turned the corner.

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