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Jul 13, 2019 23:27:09

On The Shoreditch [5]

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Tim Subiaco

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We had another absinthe and the words just came flowing out of us. It was like each of us was carrying a stack of woolen yarn balls in a pyramid over our heads and the anbsinthe caused us to bump into each other and drop all the balls, and as the threads of our thoughts crossed they wove a tapestry of strange and colourful conversation.

Before I knew it, Cassie had reached her arm around my shoulder, not so close as to touch me but enough to show that she was interested, I guess. It was quite impressive, really considering she's at least a head shorter than me and it must have looked a bit absurd but I was really just wrapped up in our conversation.

I talked quite a bit about Lina and and Norway and about how the Northern lights moved like a ribbon of light whipping in the wind. She listened with eyes as amber and perpetual as the midnight sun. She took my hand and sid she would have to go and see, she promised, just as much to me as to herself.

Closing my eyes and feeling her fingers intertwined with mine, I felt like I could breathe. It doesn't take much to save someone. Such as simple thing, holding hands. I explored her hand with mine like a shipwrecked sailor running around an island. I circled my thumb in her palm. I locked my fingers with hers in one pattern then another. I ran my index finger over her knuckles. I scarcely believed any of this was real. She stayed still, not limp but present and firm, silent yet eager in her immediacy.

"I love this song" she said. I did too. She said it reminded her of her old and now empty house in Ostrava. It was a collective of ballet dancers. When she was recovering she was alone and thinking about how to turn things around. She stayed up the entire night once and sick to death of the voices in her head and the creaking of the stairs, she started cleaning the balcony and making it just right with cushions and fairy lights (because fairy lights come straight after food and water in womens' heirarchy of needs).

She said she smoked a shisha filled with weed with her flatmates. I found that hilarious, a posse of ballerinas getting high with fairy lights around them. Guys get away with it all the time, it's fair that girls have fun too, she exclaimed proudly. I was still laughing but I thought it was marvelous, who is this woman?

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