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Jul 11, 2019 13:36:18

On The Shoreditch [3]

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Tim Subiaco

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I just close my eyes and shake my head. What can one do in the face of such
cosmic mischievousness? I went to the first result on Google Maps. How could I

"Here we are"

It was called Bar Prague, it had to be, didn't? It just had to be. If you don't
believe me just Google it. It should still be there by this time this is

Cassie looked at the sign and then at me and at the sign again.

"Aw! They must have them, the absinthe cocktails. I really hope they do!"

I bought us some cocktails. It's not that I was rich at the time or anything but
we passed by a beggar on the street a few minutes ago and I gave him a pound.
Cassie dug out two pounds and placed it in his hand which made absolutely no
sense to me because now, according to what she told me, she had a grand total of
fourteen pounds to make it back home. So I bought the cocktails.

It reminded me of the last time I was in London with Lina. We heard a woman
shouting at a homeless man who had prostrated himself under the cover of a leaky
canopy. It was raining so hard that night, his hat was overflowing with water
instead of change.

A giant of a woman walked past him but then doubled back and shouted that he
should get a job before kicking his hat. The few coins he had were scattered in
the puddles around him and silently, like a statue reluctantly reanimating
itself, he started fishing for his money.

Lina rushed over at once and behind the homeless man's back she emptied her coin purse into his hat, shaking and scraping every last penny out.

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