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Feb 15, 2019 17:56:43

Nothing to talk about

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Julia Saxena

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I'm starring at the blank page and no inspiration strikes whatsoever. Maybe, I prefer to be quiet today. I've nothing to talk about. 

Why is there the constant need for chatter, noise, and communication anyway? 

When you're sitting with friends having a cup of coffee and suddenly there is a pause ... does it start to feel awkward at some point? The longer the pause the awkwarder the awkwardness. Why? Maybe, everybody just got lost in thought for a moment and is mulling over what has just been said. Nothing bad about that. 

I don't feel the constant need to share everything that's going on with me. I do enjoy the quiet moments when I'm alone with my thoughts. When people talk about how difficult it must be to endure a silent retreat, I always joke that's probably the easiest thing for me (although I haven't actually done it yet). 

However, I've learned that being quiet is not supposed to be a good thing. People mind it, get bored, uncomfortable. My husband starts to complain when I talk too little. It bothers me and I get very conscious. 

Am I ok this way or should I actively work on improving my "talking skills"?

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