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Aug 01, 2019 20:12:10

not using social networks much

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Slightly moving out of social media. Actually I was thinking about it and I do not use it much so it's not hard to stop using it.

I rarely use even the Facebook messenger. I had period of time when I used quite often Instagram but since I stay just back home in Prague, do not post anything even there.

Twitter is not for me, I was checking just some entrepreneurs there but do not post anything at all. I am gonna use it just for the Nocodemag a little but do not plan to be active much.

To be honest, I hate LinkedIn. I just cannot relate to that site on any way. I feel we just do not belong to each other :). I understand it can be super useful in professional way, to get the job, find some new contacts but I just cannot adjust my personality to LinkedIn. 

Recently I wasted some time on YouTube it is a little addictive, I could watch all the restoration things or renewing cars all the time, haha but I would say it's still okay.

Probably it's not just about social networks. I think I can always find some website where I can hang around. For example 200WaD. :)


Stay with me. Efran.

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