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Aug 09, 2019 18:52:22

not spending much money

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I was thinking about my strengths or better to say nice habits. and on of them is that I do not spend much money. I can keep my expenses low.

I do not drink much on the weekends, I do not need much gadgets, I do not buy much new clothes - just when its really needed (for example if I have already hole in my shoes haha). Yes it can be connected to my laziness a little :)... but yeah I can  keep it pretty low.

I think I could spend even less, still, I consider this as a good habit. I just feel good about myself. Actually, it isn't even hard for me, I do need to hold my wallet locked, it just feels natural. 

As I am looking around some people cannot really do the same. Usually who do not really have much money to spend. 

I should somehow take advantage of this personal strength (not the people). The question is how should I handle the money next. Not really skilled in investing.

If I could be that good also in other directions of my life hehe. 

Work is over. Friday great day.

Enjoy your weekend.


Stay with me. Efran.

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