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Aug 06, 2019 18:31:44

not much

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Okay, here we are again. I felt a little dry out for today's writing cuz I have already finished a post on my personal blog and yesterday on Nocodemag. A little too much writing. I am gonna promote my posts tomorrow haha.

But so for today's post, I am using the power of most dangerous writing app again. It has been a while. 

Last months as I was just reading the motivational/self-help books I feel the words started already popping out of my mind.

It's really easy to giving advice to others. Easier than actually do something about my life :D. Anyway, I try to keep it low.

As I struggle with picking new books maybe I will re-read the Compound effect by Damien Hardy. Funny how all the books saying similar things. 

Hmmm .. I am out of words too soon a few minutes left to not get faded.

I have one business idea which I would like to connect to my affiliate site. Wanna execute it fast and make some money .. or lost some money.. Will see ..Will keep you informed. I am gonna use help of my brother probably.


Stay with me. Efran.

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