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Jul 18, 2019 13:57:37

Nobody asks for help spending money

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Brandon Wilson

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There is a lot of talk nowadays about installing good habits. Many people look for ways to improve themselves and seek advice for how to establish certain habits or how to perform tasks. One task that I have never seen anyone ask for help with is spending money. Maybe kids need help spending money the first time. After that, they have it down.
You can find someone who is flat broke, give that person money, and he or she will have no problems spending it right away.
People may ask for reviews or recommendations for products or services to spend money on, but the act of spending money itself never seems to be an issue. Why is this?
Is it something intrinsic about the act of spending money that makes it so easy? Are there other activities similarly easy that we struggle with? I don't have the answer, but I like the idea of trying to reverse-engineer the act of spending money to see whether there I can glean some insight that I could apply to other tasks.
Perhaps this topic is on my mind in the aftermath of Amazon Prime Day. If Amazon ever decided to enter the casino industry, look out!

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    @brandonwilson - Good question. The scale is more on the how to get customers to spend money rather than save. We do live in a capitalist country. I think if we were living in a place where most things are equal and there isn't much inequality, the scale would be more balanced.
    Rosie has a collection around finances if you are interested in her summaries.

    Keni avatar Keni | Jul 18, 2019 17:38:44
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