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Apr 29, 2019 13:53:53


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Every time I come to the hospital for some reason I am always impressed with the staff who work here.  I know they are under paid, under pressure, under staffed and under appreciated but they do a great job.

I often have thoughts that I might have been something like a paramedic as I would enjoy helping people and doing a good job, but I know that the stress and pressure might not be good.

As long as I am helping people in my career I am happy.  It might be help through fixing PowerPoint problems or connecting up new equipment, but I can see they are happy which makes me happy too.

I wonder if most paramedics are constantly stressed and near to quitting.  They all look very calm and in control when I see them but under the surface are they crumbling away through too much stress day after day after day.

I appreciate the work that all NHS staff do.  From the receptionists to physios, nurses and cleaners. They are all part of an amazing machine supporting the people of the UK. 

I know people and politicians like to bash them and complain but they are doing a great job with what they have.

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