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Jun 27, 2019 06:27:37

New morning routine

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Daniel Miller

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Alarm goes off at 6. I added Google Assistant, who tells me the weather (it's been nice) and that I have a bike ride, then starts playing the news. It has indeed helped me wake up. I hate the news.

Hit start on the coffee maker. Wife has been kindly setting it up with water and grounds the night before so that's all that's required. Get a water bottle ready with Skratch and put it in the freezer. Get bike down from hooks. Check tire pressure. Put bike by the door. Get coffee mug ready for coffee. Get coffee.

Sit down at computer and check Slack and email. Still mercifully light. Drink coffee.

Put on cycling kit. Ride.

Get back. Energized by ride, do some tasks while I cool off. Between Trello and Taskpaper there is a near-infinite list of things I could do either at my computer or around the house. Write.

Check on kids, make sure wife is awake. Wife takes teenage son to his job assisting the local swim teacher. Shower. As soon as she's back, leave for work.

This all means I crash by 11 pm. No Tetris with wife. No time for conversation. Will need to figure out some balance there. But the rides have been so beneficial to my mental health that I'm hanging onto this routine for now.

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