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May 25, 2019 23:18:43

My "toolset"

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My "toolset" these days has been refined down to the bare essentials. Here are my top 10 tools I use every single day and couldn't live without:

1. Notion

I use Notion as my personal and company knowledge base/wiki but also as a tool for writing.

2. Airtable

I use Airtable as my personal and company multipurpose database which acts as a lightweight CRM, project management tool, CMS, schedule/calendar + much more.

3. 1Password

I use 1Password as my personal and company digital vault/password manager. In total, I now have over 200+ accounts stored as well as my personal identity/payment information to easily fill out forms.

4. Station

I use Station as my "all in one" workstation. Station is a single app allows you to dock over 300+ business-focused apps for quick access and productivity. My top use case for Station is managing multiple email clients.

5. Grammarly

I use Grammarly to help improve my content/writing/etc. Grammarly provides on the fly suggestions for correcting spelling, grammar, and common semantic errors.

6. RescueTime

I use RescueTime to track my digital usage and monitor my productivity. RescueTime also provides the ability to block websites and set up goals/alerts for your productivity.

7. G Suite

I use G Suite for Gmail, Drive and Docs/Sheets/Slides. I prefer Google over something like Dropbox by far. Furthermore, I use G Suite to manage branded company emails.

8. Alfred App

I use Alfred as a fast universal "search bar" on my Mac with just a keyboard shortcut. It's kinda like having a Google search bar on the fly but for any website and your computer apps/files.

9. CloudApp

I use CloudApp to take on the fly screenshots, GIFs and videos but you can also easily annotate and illustrate these captures. CloudApp is close to being one of my most used apps.

10. f.lux

I use F.lux to alter the display of my monitor to reduce blue light and eye strain/damage. It's a great app if you like working in the night or have poor vision/sensitive eyes like me.

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    @chacha Thanks for sharing your tools! I'll definitely try out notion!

    Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | May 25, 2019 18:42:53
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