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Mar 13, 2019 08:00:17

My new hobby by @sedkialimam

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Jan 03, 2019 03:21:01 @sedkialimam 

"A year later, I counted times I went there. The number was shocking! 8 times." 

Living in a capitalist society, working the entire month to get few digits in my bank account then losing it gradually by swiping a plastic card above beeping calculators. Adding to that the crazy amount I spend behind the shining screens I am surrounded by, I start to recognize that I am becoming one of black mirror miserable characters.

So I decided I will be an active animal to kill the vibes that put me down by working out like all the beautiful and successful people I meet. Took my health allowance headed directly to the brand new gym that opened 2 and half minutes away from my apartment, approached the girl standing behind the counter, hello there can I get myself a full year of the maximum package this gym can offer! Nothing will stop me this time! This is what I should be doing! This is good for my backache! This is good for my bad posture. This is good for my mental!

A year later, I counted the times I went there and the number was shocking. I went there exactly 8 times. I hated everything about going there, starting from the smell of the cleaning material they clean the smelly machines with, ending with the people who not only aren’t enjoying any part of what they are doing, they are sad. Maybe what I am writing is an exaggeration for people who know why they’re there and what exactly to do. It’s just a personal opinion, I always hated gyms but I thought me being older, wiser and different country will play a rule. It didn’t.

After a year of guilt caused by just ignoring the gym I decided that I will do something different this time. Swimming!

I grew up hearing what an amazing swimmer my dad used to be, he won some local competitions and was a coach at some stage.

Because he was busy most of the time, we shared the same swimming pool twice during my childhood. But I was lucky that my cousin taught me how to swim when I was 13, it was something I sucked at but enjoyed a lot.

Fast forward 18 years, after the the gym tragedy, I decided to enroll myself to swim 2/3 times a week. I got myself nice goggles, ear blockers and hair cap, watched some youtube videos to refine my technique and started.

The thing I wasn’t aware of is that I am isolating myself from any screen, notification or human interaction. which should be a line from “the human rights” book for every individual to have a break for a few hours a week. While I am in the water I am not thinking of anything else.

Swimming became the habit that I ran to escape my daily routine. The place where I loosen up my soul.

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