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Jun 20, 2019 18:59:55

My morning routine

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Morning routines have become all the craze with lots of people sharing and discussing them. And I get the point. It does help to start every morning in roughly the same way to set yourself up for a successful day. That's the case for me at least. 

So, here's the morning routine that I've been following for the last couple of months. (The timing doesn't always work out 100% this way, obviously.)

5:15 Wake Up

5:30 Reach the gym and work out

7:00 Back at home, talk to husband, shower, eat breakfast, (protein overnight oats, the same every day)

7:45 Write in my journal (what I've learned, things I'm grateful for, anything that's bothering me, anything important that happened)

7:55 Meditate for 5 min 

8:00 Get in front of my laptop and check emails, read the news, reply to messages on Slack and Upwork, organize to-dos for the day 

8:30 Start on a client project 

This little routine has worked quite nicely. Is it the best it can be? Maybe, maybe not. Some people may argue that it's not the best idea to check your emails first thing in the morning. I should get something more meaningful done first. But as I'm a freelancer, my emails are not what they are used to be when I was working in corporate. Now, it's mainly newsletters I enjoy reading. So I'll continue with this for now. 

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