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Jul 26, 2019 20:52:32

My gf just asked me what I'm working on right now

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And I told her I'm about to write 200 words. But I got nothing to say at this time. It's because I usually like doing my writing in the morning, but I spent my time this morning organizing Spotlight instead. 

I usually spend my afternoons filling my belly and pondering instead of doing intense focused work. This is also when I spend talking to people. So now that I'm trying to do the task which requires the most focus -- writing -- I simply can't come up with anything. So instead I'm just documenting what's on my mind.

Even though I didn't get to write my fiction in the mornings these past two days, I have no regrets. I'm both grateful and excited to have been able to start scaffolding a writing community that aims to highlight the writers on 200W.

Anyways, I haven't eaten in about 22 hours now? I'm about to go fill my belly with something. I don't know what yet. Probably something that will make the microbiome happy. Fulfill them, give them something to rejoice over.

Other than that, all's good. Pretty damn good, I tell yuh whut! 

Also thanks for that great comment, Seun from two posts ago. Haha, I know. I don't meant to make you feel bad for giving compliments, but I'm a complimentholic so I stay away from them. But it still made me feel good.

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