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Sep 15, 2019 17:01:12

My first day in office (2019) by @rahulgoyal

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Jan 02, 2019 12:55:28 @rahulgoyal

"Right now it is 5:30PM and my wife is already on the way to reach home"

Today, I really enjoyed my day because of 2 factors: 

1) After vacation, there is a lot of energy filled in

2) Had a good discussion with fellow colleagues

I wish, my entire year is full of work, energy, people and endless conversations. 

Also, I need to change a few things in myself which includes

1) Low anger

2) More reading

3) More writing

4) More financial awareness

I also have had feedback from my manager that I need to improve my written communication skillset and here is a small effort on that front. Maybe one day, I will be articulate my thoughts much better. 

Although, I am done with my writing but seems like there is still some limit left and hence extending the phase here. 

I started my journey in a Uber cab today and paid Rs. 89. Also, I received a cashback of Rs. 20 on my Phonepay. I wish that I get more one day. 

I reached office and wished few folks 'Happy New Year'. 

Right now it is 5:30PM and my wife is already on the way to reach home and I wish that I reach early than her in order to surprise her. But there are a bunch of meeting left which I need to attend and hence won't be possible. 

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