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Mar 18, 2019 15:42:31

My favourite tools for effective work

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Working as a freelancer has given me the opportunity to select the tools I like most to get my work done and stay productive all day. 

Having to work with clunky old software, because the company prescribed it, is now a thing of the past. Bye bye Lotus Notes (if anybody still remembers what this is)!!!

Here are my favorite tools to date:

1. Upwork - This is where I find my clients. Takes automatically care of contracts and invoicing. 

2. Spark - The best email client I've found so far. 

3. Evernote - The best for taking notes. I start a new note for every client to keep all important information they give me in one place. Often, I save interesting articles directly to Evernote to keep them for later. I also have my whole collection of favorite recipes here. 

4. Trello - Amazing tool for organizing thoughts and projects. I'm using it to plan my workweek. I've implemented the tool for one of my clients to streamline our tasks, and they love it. 

5. Grammarly - Catches all my typos and grammatical errors. Even right here as I'm typing this in Safari. I use the paid version. 

6. Wunderlist - The best for to-do lists. I especially love the shared feature. My husband and I are keeping an ongoing grocery list here. 

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