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Feb 14, 2019 10:37:47

my fav 5

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I am a fan of reading books. Following up on @Seun's post here, this post is about my five favorite books and some details about them.

#1 Man's search for meaning
This is my favorite book. One that I shared with my dad and have reread often. I have written a post of it HERE.

#2 The Last Lecture
This is a book written about this lecture. It is similar to #1 but more about living life to the fullest.

#3 Geography of Bliss
This is humor with loads of deep researched about happiness.  This writer goes around the world to study happiness. He compares weather, geography, economy, wealth and religious affinity to look into how happy people are. 

#4 Outliers
This is a famous book about success by Malcome Gladwell. A very talented story teller. He looks into the life of outliers to research what is responsible for their success.

#5 The Game
Neil Strauss, the author, is a phenomenal writer. I picked this in a book store because of a random FB post. Turns out it's about the female psychology and an absolute page turner. 

Trying to change up this list with new books this year...
Any recommendations?

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    @keni Thanks for this Keni.

    Outliers, great book. Gladwell is an epic storywriter. It's a book, i'll always keep a copy.

    I'm writing mine too ;)

    Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Feb 14, 2019 23:11:07
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