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Mar 03, 2019 11:54:42

My draft @kesavan

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Feb 02, 2019 11:25:21 @kesavan


“Great men never change”

Great men are impartial always and never lose their equa­ nimity. Vedanta Desika gives many examples to show this in his Subhasita Nivi, there is a debate among scholars, such men will listen to both sides of the argument and decide the validity of claims on the basis of merit. The partridge is said to live by imbib­ ing the moon’s rays. The cakravAka bird favours the sun’s rays. But does the sun discriminate against the partridge, because the latter likes the moon? Does the sun favour the cakravAka bird because of the latter’s liking for the sun? In the same way, great men treat all alike.

Different regions of the world have night and day at diffe­ rent times. Also, in some seasons, days are longer than nights and vice versa. But everywhere and in all seasons, a day consists of the same number of hours. In the same way, great men remain the same always, and do not change ac­ cording to situations. Water evaporates from the ocean and comes back as rain. But neither the evaporation nor the ad­ ding of water to the ocean by the rains affect the ocean. It re­ mains the same throughout. Similar is the state of mind of great men. They neither care if someone takes away someth­ ing for them, nor are they overjoyed if something is re­ turned to them.

Great men help even those who harm them. Desika gives an example to show the nature of such men. We make holes in gems to string them together. Gems retain their quality, despite the holes we drill in them. Likewise, great men dis­ regard the harm done to them and always treat people with kindness. Since great men bear no ill will towards anyone.

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