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Mar 07, 2019 17:17:31

My draft @igorgalvodebritto

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Jan 15, 2019 17:17:46  @igorgalvodebritto

my wife being... my wife

My wife has finally returned home and I'm very grateful for us to be able to get together as a couple again. Her mother is definitely an important person on her life, but she has outgrown this relationship. Just like the alligator mommy protects her children by putting them inside her mouth - children grow and won't fit in there anymore. Then, it's a painful split for all sides: children got used to the safe heaven in mouth, but are unable to react to the environment. Mother has to let go of her "reason of living", as the children jumps on to independency.

Still, there's no other possible way of doing it. Not with my wife being an adult. Not with my wife being independent. Not with my wife being... My wife?

She is soon to bring in our little baby girl, Julia. Then, both of us will have to teach and aid our daughter to navigate in this world by herself - we will, eventually, not be here anymore. So my wife has to regain her footing in order to be the woman she happens to be. She does not need her mother. She needs the courage to be herself.

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