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Mar 31, 2019 18:00:08

My draft by @zoeparshuram

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Jan 23, 2019 05:00:45 @zoeparshuram 

"passage through the winding paths and venomous glares lead to the edge of town"

 Like the sun, the small village that clung to the edge of the desert began to end its daily cycle, and as the the 5 o’ clock shadows on the men and boys appeared, so did the shadows of the dwellings and altars engulfing the spaces between themselves. The dusty colour that described this quiet place blended effortlessly from the mud bricks to the sandy ground, and was easily consumed by the coming night. A few men and women walked calmly to the centre of the town to send a nightly prayer to the patron goddess of the area before returning to their homes to eat and sleep. Many of the people in the village were coming in from the river, hands empty despite a day’s work, and were looking forward to laying down to rest. The thick ground muffled their footsteps, allowing the sharp sound of a child’s feet slapping against the ground to cut through the sleepy streets like a knife.

The girl was too young to notice the disdainful looks she was getting from those she passed, though she did choose to sneer at a few. She wasn’t bothered by the things you would expect at her age, 5, was to be helping with dinner at this hour, instead of roaming the streets like an urchin. Yet she whirled through with purpose and the kind of energy you would expect at her age. Her passage through the winding paths and venomous glares lead her to the edge of town, where she stopped. 

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So beautiful, yet "she stopped", why did you?

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