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Mar 11, 2019 12:00:07

My draft by @v.sangeetha

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Jan 30, 2019 09:13:08 @v.sangeetha 

"Everytime I feel as if I was ignored by others."

I am very bored so, I decided to chat with my neighbours. When I went there they were talking about something. On seeing me, they immediately stopped their conversation. I was surprised at their behaviour. I stood there for sometime. They didn't open their mouth. I thought they were not interested to talk with me. I sat on the platform for sometime. All the three except me, were looking at each other. I too waited for few minutes. I didn't want to continue the silence, I shared my views about the present scenario. Then they started to talk one by one. The conversation went for more than 10 minutes. Then the other person opened a new topic for our chatting. Likewise our chatting continued for an half an hour. Everytime I will be the ice breaker, I think they scare to talk with me. Everytime I feel as if I was ignored by others. I don't know am I right or wrong. But one thing I can say, I am not up to their expectations or something is missing in me. What is it? 

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