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Mar 11, 2019 15:00:09

My draft by @udithudhaya

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Jan 30, 2019 11:05:29 @udithudhaya 

(Word of explanation:                                                                                                 There is a group of, rather specific, posts. Not an obvious read and yet... as there are no accidents not coincidence in life .. they must serve a purpose, bring to 200WaD meanings hidden underneath the words...
@ OnepostersGems)

"Happy" itself myself ourself ook"

Hello friends, I am writing in "Love Love Love". Love is a life. Love is friendship. Love is soul. Love is heart. Love is mother. Sunlight coming to earth and flowers look sunlight ::: starting a day of Love from two souls and two animals etc join together it's Love only. One cat love to other animals. These animals create some problems to others. Other animals pain, it's very happy and enjoy myself and ourself. Because, "others loufy, looking God"other animals pain it's happy . Lately more than days coming and going to new morning. Days are going going to travel next week and next year. These animal thinging a one night. This night is very special because it's the great sakuvara birthday. Thinking thinging are animal realise may problem and others pain and God everything. So animal make one decision. One codes repeatedly come and go in my mind. There is love love love. Because, my happy is hold on ours or your heart.So no pain of ours. They are looking ours heart and can't looking ours soul. Yours or ours it's gods gifted. So enjoy your life anybody. "Happy" itself myself ourself ook.

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