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May 08, 2019 15:00:05

My draft by @tuma

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Jan 29, 2019 17:08:53 @tuma

" imperfection brings a new idea and innovation"

Today is the first day I entered into this site. Today's topic is imperfection. I want to become perfectionist in my writing through the process of imperfection. In a way this imperfection makes oneself to find the path to go into the limelight of life. Repeated imperfection brings a new idea and innovation in doing things. So it is necessary to bring the idea that are formed during the imperfect activities. Because these imperfection activities will not end or bring a desired result or result that one expected. So to find a solution to end this activity, we need to find a solution to the process of activity and repeated practice makes everything perfect. Reflection is another process through which we can bring perfectionism from imperfection. Perfectionism brings an end to the activity but imperfection brings new thinking among one thinking and behavior, action and thought. So Education plays an important role to empower people through the proper channelizing of ideas in a way to get rid of imperfection. Then this necessary to keep trying what is important and individual to take all possible ways to empower the ideas to make any individual to be perfect.   

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