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Apr 07, 2019 19:41:31

My draft by @savrinpatel

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Dec 20, 2018 19:59:59 @savrinpatel 

"In the end it's all mental."

Today is a new a day. I never really used to enjoy reading or writing before but I've come to understand the benefits of both this year primarily. Reading in part has been able to get me away from my thoughts that shadow my logic. Self-development books has put me onto a new course in life. It's helped me realize that I can shape my future the way I want it to be and that is by consuming information through books, blogs and ultimately write about the things I've learned. Today is a new day indeed because today is the first day I am going to start writing and not because someone told me to do so because I actually want to do it. I've always doubted myself when it comes to grammar and comprehension but I've realized that if I want to improve and succeed at it, I'll have to utilize it into my every day life. I've come to learn that the things in life which are difficult for you are mainly difficult because you've convinced your mind that it is. In the end it's all mental. If you want to overcome the tough path, you have to begin by walking on it.

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