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Sep 18, 2019 18:00:05

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Jan 08, 2019 17:57:29 @rodrigonascimento 

"Know the difference between signals and noises"

3 Leadership Lessons to Learn from Bird Box

I just watched Bird Box, the Netflix movie starring Sandra Bullock that is breaking records of the streaming service.

Since I'm not a film critic, I can’t comment on Bird Box. But as a leader, I'd like to share 3 leadership lessons that everyone should learn from Malorie, Sandra Bullock's character:

1 - Be prepared to lose important pieces of your team

Everybody knows that a good leader needs to retain his team. However, it is sometimes impossible to avoid losing important pieces. The leader, however, can’t let it stop him from achieving his goals. He needs to adapt, to stay focused. In the movie, even after losing people who were with her in the house, Malorie stayed obstinate and guided two children to their goal.

2 - Sometimes you need to take risks

Even knowing the risks, Malorie and her friends had to leave the house every time they need to look for food. The group blindfold themselves to mitigate these risks, but they knew that taking these risks was the only way to survive.

Just like in Bird Box, leaders sometimes need to mitigate risks and get out of their comfort zones. They need to be audacious, take risks to take the next step, to achieve their goals, or sometimes just to survive.

3 - Know the difference between signals and noises

In Bird Box, Malorie had to stay focused when the creatures tried to deconcentrate her, asking to get the blindfold off. On the other hand, she had to be attentive to the signals given by the birds, because they would guide her to the place she was looking for.

In this very same way, some leaders change their strategy after believing in some noises. Good leaders need to train their brain to notice more of the signals and need to consciously block out some of the noise that can distract and keep them away from their goals.

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