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May 08, 2019 18:00:07

My draft by @rahulsharma27

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Mar 23, 2019 21:09:10 @rahulsharma27

"putting my effort consistently"

Hi, this is my 2nd web portal where I am practicing daily word practice. So this has only a word limit of 200 per day. the last site I was used is 750word.com. For that website, my free trial is over. So that I want to discuss my English progress sheet.

I am doing practiced for a long time. What i think is still i am not good enough what i was expected. I still dont feel very much confident. I think i will accept that I am putting my effort consistently. Still, a lot of effort is required which is missing.

So i dont know what is the solution for it. I really wanted to improve my english. If I will gain confidence on my written and spoken english might it solve my problem which is i am facing currently. Neither i am good in speaking nor in written. Even i was supposed to read novel and practice word meaning but i failed on all aspects.

Even i am not a good student in my field. Some time am not able to spell easy english word. I think Class 1 stident is better than me. I think my 200 word is over.

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