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Apr 13, 2019 19:00:03

My draft by @premalatha

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Jan 29, 2019 17:40:56 @premalatha 

"So much confusion in cooking"

ALWAYS THINKING                                                 I am so calm and I am always thinking about anything. So I went to a yoga class near my home. There I met people with different characters. Some are more talented than me and some are below my level. But all want to encourage themselves by doing yoga pranayamam. There I learnt always thinking is not good for mind. They taught me to keep some gap between my thoughts. First I practice 10 seconds gap and increase it to 20 seconds and to 5 minutes gap. Now I can concentrate the work I do at home. But before this practice I keep on thinking while doing cooking, washing, drying, eating and in cleaning also. So much confusion is in cooking. I do taste the food two or three times to check salt and other ingredients. Sometimes I thought I have put the clothes to dry but I didn't. So much confusion and also memory loss. I'm also practicing to write with the left hand. These two methods improve my mind. 

(These were the times when hitting "space" was a word... This post was short of 21 words! HOW CAN I WORK in this conditions?)

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