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Sep 20, 2019 13:00:06

My draft by @madhankumaranandaraja

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Mar 12, 2019 17:21:45 @madhankumaranandaraja

"after taking few seconds break and a small deep breath.."

hi everybody..! i know what to write.. but something is stopping my fingers from somewhere.. i do not know what really it is.... but i think if i keep on write something about something .. then definitely i would over come the stopping thing or else at least i would come to know what is it.. do you people aware of that thing.. is has any name? or its just a feeling? i am confused... when i check whether i have completed 200 words ... No... i am yet to cross half way... oh my god.. how do i fill the remaining 100 words... after taking few seconds break and a small deep breath..but still i am not able to write what i wish... i am thinking that why i have registered in this site now.... but in parallel  my mind says  not to leave the site.. i am typing something and deleting many things.. in fact i am using backspace most of the time while writing.. thank god.. only 30 words left to complete... it become 25 now.. when i am exclaiming about that only 25 words are left.. i am struggling more to finish the last few words..  but i have a hope... you all the people are there for me to help.... 

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